Utica OD: Newlywed Records Brings New Ideas To The Utica Music Scene

Utica Observer-Dispatch By Carolyn Bostick Posted Jan. 18, 2016 It’s not your average record label. Newlywed Records hopes to enlarge the Utica music scene and also push musicians to expand their boundaries by creating collaborative opportunities with visual artists. The new record label could mean big things for Utica’s music scene. The company – aptly named to represent new beginnings … Continued

Utica OD: “Local Studio Offers Professional Sound Close To Home”

Utica Observer-Dispatch / Music Scene By MARK SISTI June 04. 2015 5:59PM Big Blue North recording studio offers professional sound close to home So, you’ve got your band sounding good and sounding tight. You’ve worked up a few original tunes that don’t sound like Nirvana retreads. Maybe you’ve even demoed some of your material on your … Continued