Utica OD: Newlywed Records Brings New Ideas To The Utica Music Scene

Utica Observer-Dispatch
Carolyn Bostick
Posted Jan. 18, 2016

It’s not your average record label.

Newlywed Records hopes to enlarge the Utica music scene and also push musicians to expand their boundaries by creating collaborative opportunities with visual artists.

The new record label could mean big things for Utica’s music scene. The company – aptly named to represent new beginnings – is debuting Jan. 23 at the 4 Elements Studio at the Westminster Moriah Olivet Presbyterian Church, at 714 Washington St. in Utica.

Zeno Pittarelli began the company after he kept vacillating between moving to New York City or staying in Utica. There were benefits to both locations and he struggled to reach a decision, until he hit upon the idea of staying in the area and creating a record label that would cater to artists who were both local and from outside the area.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity to set up a base here and have people come here from New York City and out of state,” Pittarelli said. “We’re here, we’re doing stuff.”

With a team comprised of Shannon Stockbridge (graphic designer), Pittarelli (owner/founder) and Rebecca Turner (photographer), the group is ready to pave the way for artists with new ideas about making music and presenting it to the public in unusual ways.

The operation will use the physical studios at Big Blue North on Genesee Street to record, but Pittarelli said he strongly prefers using Café Domenico as a site to discuss projects with clients.

“I’ve been playing in bands for four to five years now and I’ve met a lot of artists and bands,” he said. “It’s a really good excuse for making art with friends.”

The collaborative element is part of what makes this new company unique. They envision pairing the release of a new EP with something like a new perfume release, a puzzle or an origami kit.

“We’re going to push our artists to work with visual artists. The biggest advantage we might have is we’re going to do things differently,” Pittarelli said.

Local musician Anthony Bianco will be performing at the label kick-off with his solo project Anthony and the Mountain, and will eventually be recording with Newlywed, once things get underway.

“It’s going to be great, I think. You have a wider audience. It’s definitely a mix of people from downstate and here,” Bianco said.

Bianco usually moves between sets featuring his powerful vocals and a piano and pieces incorporating electronic music into his vocal styling, but his performance at the Newlywed kickoff will only feature his pieces using electronics for accompaniment.

“There is a potential for a lot of music to be heard on a larger scale. Having a place to do that is exciting,” he said. “I’m really excited; I hope it’s going to be a success. I think it will be.”

If you go
What: Newlywed Records label launch party
When: 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 23
Where: The Westminster Building across from Hanna Park in Utica
Details: Admission is $5. Artists include Exitpost (NYC), Anthony and the Mountain (Utica), Bay Kee (NYC), Comfy (Utica), Negative Death (NYC), Sleep Storm (Utica), Ginjavitis (Utica). Sponsored by Big Blue North Recording Studio and Cafe Domenico.