We welcome freelance engineers and producers. Call anytime to schedule a tour, either virtual or in person.

Studio time starts during setup and ends after breakdown. Sessions begin promptly at the time booked, whether the client is present or not.

A NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% is required in advance to secure your session and time. The balance is due at the end of the last booked day of the session without exception. No product of any type including CDs, DVDs, master tapes, reels, MP3s, session folders or any other media will be released until the balance due is paid in full. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy; last minute cancellations will forfeit the deposit. Deposits will not be refunded for lateness or no shows.

Client is responsible for final project archive and will provide their own media, preferably in the form of an external hard drive or tape. Time to transfer material to/from the drives will be charged as studio time.

The studio will save active projects on its house drives as a safety back up. Once the project is finished, it will be erased from the active house drive and archived for one year. Tape will be archived for two years.

The piano is tuned on a regular schedule. We are happy to have it tuned especially for you, but we have got to charge you $50.


“Our first record was recorded and produced by Jeff Aderman at Big Blue North in Utica. Recording at Big Blue was an incredible experience from front to back. We basically started the entire process with 2 complete songs and about twenty random ideas. Jeff came up to our rehearsal space and really shaped us and the songs. Bottomline, we just like hanging out with Jeff, the fact that he is great at what he does is a bonus. We were less than 3 months old as a band when we decided to hit the studio. It was quite ambitious to say the very least.

A big thank you to Pam and Jeff for the incredible experience and if you haven’t checked out Big Blue North you need to.
– Michael Powell / The Black River + solo artist

“Top-shelf words like “amazing” are thrown around today with utter abandon. As a result, it’s hard for anything to stand out because everything is “outstanding.” That being said, allow me to say this: with no hyperbole, with no bribery or other financial inducement, the following opinions, from my perspective, carry the weight of fact.

Jeff Aderman is good at his job. He knows his stuff. During a process that stretched out over the course of several months, he did MUCH more for me and my band than he was contractually obligated to do. Not because he anticipated this review, but because he cares about a job well done. Simply put, his interests are aligned with yours. You want to sound good. He wants you to sound good, too.

Pamela is likewise dedicated to providing the very best of service. We were delighted not only by the process, but by Big Blue North’s INSISTENCE on our satisfaction with the final product and every aspect of its development. Truly an excellent experience.”
– Michael Dickerson / Yankee Holler

“Recording at Big Blue North was such an incredible gift, and I’d recommend it to any serious musician or band. Right from the beginning we were welcomed with open arms and hearts, which made the environment optimal for music making. Jeff and staff were tireless during the 3 day session and worked through our own personal breaks to make everything sound ‘right.’

Jeff knew just how to capture the sound we were going for, but wasn’t afraid to let us know what we could do to make it better. That’s where the musician in him shines through. He’s not just a slider and button pusher, but is a seasoned pro who can put himself in your shoes when the red light is on. We are already booking our next session. I can’t recommend this place enough.”
– Corey Colmey / Session Drummer + The Live and Breathe

“I really could gush over Big Blue North Studio for pages on end, but for the sake of brevity— I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to create music. The space itself personally warranted performances I felt I really connected to and had such an incredible vibe. Not to mention, Jeff and Pam (the folks behind BBN) are actually the greatest people on this earth and made everything so seamless and fun.”
– Sean McVerry / Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

“All-natural, organic church reverb is something truly divine. It’s the kind of reverb that kisses your lips and changes into something more comfortable. Real sexy. The studio and its amazing team had us feeling real right. Maybe we can have nice things.”
– Alex Gruenburg / Best Behavior

“I’m sitting here listening to our record and I’m so proud of it. I can’t wait to come back next year and do it again. I will always feel like you are a brother to me because of what we shared in the studio and how you furthered my career.”
– Mike Brindisi / The New York Rock

“I’ve been working with a great engineer named Jeff Aderman (at Big Blue North), and the results have blown my mind every day. He’s not just a tech guy, but someone with an exhaustive knowledge of music that I can be on the same page with, because we can discuss recordings of songs, as well specifics of the sounds in them, and Jeff will say, “Yeah, I have this mic that we can run through this rack item, which is how they get that sound, so we can get something like that too,” and things like that. He knows pretty well what his gear can do, which frees me up as an artist to just play and perform and “sculpt” songs if you will. But he’s like me in that at the end of the day, he cares more about getting the response from a listener than all of this gearhead bullshit that people brag about, which has no real effect on getting someone to dance or sing the chorus or anything like that. That ability to wield the technical side with the conceptual, emotional reasons to make a song has turned out for the best in spades for me on this album.”
– Bryan Howell / Bryan Howell & The Standalones


So how much is all this fabulousness gonna cost me? Here is the long answer: we could give you a strict hourly rate, but then you’d be stressing and watching the clock during the whole session instead of thinking about music. The other problem with quoting hourly rates is that they are only half of the equation – you still don’t know how many hours you need, so that number alone doesn’t really even answer your question.

We have found that a better solution is to give clients an individualized, project-based quote that includes the studio, engineer and residence (if you are coming from out of town). As a general rule of thumb, we are in the $50 per hour range including the engineer and our workday is ten (10) consecutive hours plus a one-hour dinner break.

If you are thinking about working here, please give us a call to have a chat about what you are trying to make and together we can come up with a plan that fits your needs, your budget and your schedule.

We accept:

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